Shopping for ID Theft Services
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Many companies sell identity theft services. These services may be able to help you detect identity theft quicker than you could yourself so that you can take action to prevent further damage. And some help victims resolve problems caused by identity theft. But the claims for identity theft services are sometimes exaggerated or misleading, and may not be easy to tell from their websites and advertising exactly how they work, how much they cost, or what protection or assistance they really offer. If you are considering identity theft services, look for companies that follow good practices.

If you are thinking of enrolling in an identity theft service, read Consumer Federation of America’s Nine Things to Check When Shopping for Identity Theft Services. These tips are based on the Best Practices for Identity Theft Services that were developed by CFA’s Identity Theft Service Best Practices Working Group.

Trying to decide whether to To Buy or Not To Buy identity theft services? Get advice from the Federal Trade Commission.

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a nonprofit information and advocacy organization, offers suggestions for How to Choose an Identity Theft Monitoring Service.