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Consumer Federation of America is a nonprofit association of nearly 300 consumer organizations. Established in 1968, CFA’s mission is to advance the consumer interest through research, education and advocacy. is intended to increase public knowledge about identity theft and to encourage companies that provide identity theft services to follow good practices. It was developed with input from CFA’s Identity Theft Service Best Practices Working Group, which consists of consumer advocates and identity theft service providers. CFA is solely responsible for the content on this site unless it is identified as coming from other sources.

Consumer Federation of America’s Identity Theft Service Best Practices Working Group

These members of CFA’s Identity theft Service Best Practices Working Group provided input in developing the Best Practices for Identity Theft Services, Nine Things to Check When Shopping for Identity Theft Services, and the website.*

Nonprofits/Advocates/Government Agencies Companies

California Office of Privacy Protection

Call for Action

AllClear ID


Consumer Action

Consumer Federation of America

Experian (ProtectMyID)

EZShield Fraud Protection

ITAC, the Identity Theft Assistance Center ID Analytics
Mari Frank, Esq. ID Experts (Zander ID Services Plan)
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse ID Watchdog

Identity Theft 911

Intersections Inc.

Merchants Information Solutions
Worldwide Benefit Services (ID Theft Assist)


* This list is not an endorsement by CFA for any specific company or product.